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CARM-DAKSH (Centre for Action Research and Management in Developing Attitudes, Knowledge and Skills in Human Resources) was set up in 1991 as a Society registered in New Delhi, and with its head office at Delhi. The founding members of CARMDAKSH were eminent civil servants from Madhya Pradesh- Dr.IshwarDass and Shri Sharad Chandra Behar. In the initial years CARM-DAKSH focused on providing training inputs to various Government and Public Sector organizations, as well as in developing manuals for the use of these organizations. During this period CARM-DAKSH worked for organizations like the Department of Health, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh, MP Electricity Board and various District Rural Development Agencies. Practically all the work of CARM-DAKSH was confined to the undivided Madhya Pradesh. The distinguishing feature of CARM-DAKSH was that it worked with experts on an assignment basis. This mode of functioning continued from 1992 to 2002. In September 2002, a new leadership took over the functioning of the organisation. While remaining committed to the mandate of CARM-DAKSH the focus shifted to therural development sector.

The decade of 2000 saw CARM-DAKSH evolving from a capacity building organisation to a more hard core implementing agency with a geographical focus on the tribal belt of North Chattisgarh. While capacity building and training continues to be an important part of its work, it is implementation of programmes that has become more central. CARMDAKSH was approached by the Thapar group to become part of its CSR initiative in Raigarh district in 2009. CARMDAKSH has been managing this collaboration effectively since 2009. The year 2014 marks the tenth year of field operations of CARMDAKSH in Chattisgarh. In this decade CARMDAKSH has developed and nurtured several successful partnerships with eminent donors like the National Foundation of India, WaterAid, SDTT (Sir Dorabji Tata Trust), UK Aid supported PACS (Poorest Areas Civil Societies) programme, NABARD and TRIFED.

The vision of CARM-DAKSH is to have a society that:
• Is Caste less and Equitable
• Promotes wide cultural diversity or pluralism
• Promotes Community action. (as opposed to an individualistic approach to living)
• Accepts Gender Equity
• Ensures decentralization of Power and Authority

The mission of CARM-DAKSH is to support organisations, groups or persons to develop Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values appropriate and/or necessary for working towards its vision.


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